Brian Kivuti

Stars Sel-Portrait.jpg

“I’m obsessed with the internal world, perception, and my search for flow”

    Above is the succinct answer you will rarely (or never) get from the artist. Following the bloom of ideas that nearly always find their source in the above themes, his work and excitement are symbolic exercises of his own search for personal alignment, notably within an existentialist framework.

    Within his art jewellery, the juxtaposition of fluid & organic forms is frequently used to subtly convey the internal experience of transition; the attempts of growth flowing through the contrasting experience of self-reflection. Often, where polished form and gnarled surfaces meet, a ‘bloom’ is often represented; "this is where growth is found", is his reminder. So too, his multi-media paintings depict, in ink images of torrid waves and imagined landscapes, or in installation art, as his first solo exhibit 'Golden State of Mind' (2012), where the exhibit space lined with grass hoped to lightly convey the internal space.

    Trained in Jewellery & Silvermithing (BA, 2012) within Edinburgh University, Brian Kivuti continues his practice at his private atelier in Nairobi, Kenya. He loves the exploration of making, especially in playing around with textures on simple forms.