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A Golden State of Mind

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Perception is, in many ways, everything.


Clarified Vision, 2011
The spark to the project.


This was the realisation made by the artist, Brian Kivuti, through the creation of this body of work. Working as an exploration of experimental photography, the body of work is comprised of 4 photographic series, each focusing on a different object: a light source. The seriesʼ are ʻLemon Moonʼ, ʻFallen Embersʼ, ʻSatelliteʼ and ʻSunshineʼ.

Using a Minolta Dynax 300si film camera with a 35mm lens and wine glass, these images were achieved by taking close-range photos using the wine glass to distort the images. In each series, except ʻFallen Embersʼ, all images were taken from a fixed angle and distance, adjustments only being made with the position/angle of the wine glass.

It was to the artists surprise to discover the wide variety of images created from each object; it is in this that the investigation found its drive, documenting the transformation of each object into increasingly ethereal forms using a controlled process.

Conceptually, the theme of ʻperceptionʼ arose through this process-driven journey. Here it was apparent, that the images produced alluded to how we perceive the world (and others). With the wine glass representing how we process the world, each may see the same ʻobjectʼ but perceive different images. Taking this further, as each shares their view of reality, the great variations become apparent, however, all these views combined to create a richer appreciation of the same subject. This inevitably raises the question as to whether what we perceive is remotely close to what exists; how valid each perception is; if anyoneʼs perception comes close to what exists, and if that matters.

This conceptual note has been one the artist has been fond of; one that was explored in a positive light. While the image is only the light received from the object and not the object itself, it very much corresponded to the spirit of the conceptual conclusion: Perception is everything, for we have no true understanding of what we perceive but by our perception and that of others.

All these said, this body of work is a selection of photoʼs the artist enjoys, and we hope that you do too, for whatever reason comes to you. 

"A Golden State of Mind" is comprised of 4 photographic series.
To explore them, please click on the links below.


Lemon Moon


Fallen Embers






Seek, Brian Kivuti (2012)

An exploration, applying the photographic techniques of interest onto a video format. The video piece was inspired by Away/Sunrise, by Just a Band


The Exhibit

'A Golden State of Mind' was Brian Kivuti's first solo exhibit, held at Kuona Trust, Nairobi, Kenya. The exhibit was extended for an extra week.

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