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Sea Form No.9, Brian Kivuti [blue.web].jpg

 The Promise Ring

%22The Promise Ring, Rolling 1%22, Brian Kivuti (October 05, 2019) [web.Full].jpg

f i n g e r p r i n t

%22Fingerprint Poster - Banner%22, Brian Kivuti (February 22, 2018) [web.v.1].jpg

The Wrap Ring

27_%22Wrap Ring%22, Brian Kivuti (January 19, 2018) [web.].jpg

m e l a n c h o l y

%22Melancholy no.6%22, Brian Kivuti (January 18, 2018) [web.v.1].jpg

Sea Form

'Sea Form' is made by Brian Kivuti as part of the larger evolving theme, 'Things that Flow'; exploring the fluidity of the inner space of self perception, in the flux, decay, growth, and flow.

31 - %22Sea Form No.7%22, Brian Kivuti (2016) [v.2.border.web].jpg
27 - %22Sea Form No.6%22, Brian Kivuti (2016) [v.2.border.web].jpg
37 - %22Sea Form No.9%22, Brian Kivuti (2016) [v.2.border.web].jpg
36 - %22Sea Form No.9%22, Brian Kivuti (2016) [v.2.border.web].jpg
38 - %22Sea Form No.9%22, Brian Kivuti (2016) [v.2.border.web].jpg
34 - %22Sea Form No.8%22, Brian Kivuti (2016) [v.2.border.web].jpg
43 - %22Sea Form No.11%22, Brian Kivuti (2016) [v.2.border.web].jpg

. F L O W . S U R G E .

F O R M - L I Q U I D - M O T I O N

l i k e . t h e . l i q u i d . o c e a n . w i t h i n

i s e e m e

i s e e t h e s e a



%22BOUND no.1-5 (feature 6)%22, Brian Kivuti (October 06, 2017) [web.v.1].jpg

T H E   F A C E T   B A N D


Many experiences shape us, some of which are tied to places. These places become a part of us. These places become a facet of who we are.

%22Facet Band no.1 (Group 2)%22, Brian Kivuti (August 31, 2017) [web.v.1.2 text stripe].jpg

Collect Online

Collect creations online, or simply browse for prices and details. The online store is an easy way to make a purchase of the artist-jewellery, paintings, and photographic prints.

If you prefer, you can also call +254 (0) 714 050 182, or e-mail



Exploring art photography & portraiture with the muse, Lucas Ogutu.

2017.06.15. %22Lucas no.9%22, Brian Kivuti [web.].jpg

I am here

Exploring the desire for affirmed identity in the wake of depression.

%22I am here (no.6)%22, Brian Kivuti (2017) [v.1.web].jpg