I am here


“I am here”, I said.
No one heard, save myself.


“I am here”, I repeat.
I feel the world in kind.
It asks me to speak in kind.


“I am here”, I say.
In motion and action, I attempt to speak.
I cast shadows that define my world.
I shake myself, and take forms that last a moment.


“I am here”, I sigh.
These shadows speak, but I do not understand.
I am obscure chorus with these shadows.
I follow split positions, interlocked in moments of black.


“I am here”, I think.
These thoughts shoot from me, like branches.
I am a tree, split into uncertain limbs.
I slip between streams, reaching to speak.


“I am here”, “I am here”.
I say this again, and again, again.
I have come to bad faith, again and now.
If I can focus, I can be here.


“I am here”.
I am clear at times, lucid.
But mostly, all I can maybe do is exist.


Poem by Brian Kivuti
16th March 2017

Photography, Self portrait