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The Facet Band

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Facet Band no.1


The Facet Band is a subtle fine silver bracelet, engraved with the GPS coordinates of a place dear to you. Many experiences shape us, some of which are tied to places. These places become a part of us. These places become a facet of who we are.


I am experience,
Formed into me.

I am names, words, thoughts, more...
and places.

Here is a place that is valuable to me.
Not only on ground,
But a gem, made in memory,
made of experience.

Here is a place important to me.
It holds experiences
That form part of what is me.


Handmade in fine silver, the Facet Band is an especially suitable gift for men. Its discrete & sleek design works well with both formal and casual wear. With the GPS coordinates, the bracelet is a quietly beautiful reminder of the experiences you value.


*Note: The images displayed above depict a single product.