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 The Promise Ring

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 "Remember your source, nurture this core."


Glossy, polished interior, inlayed with Ankole horn; both black and white. This interior detail representing inward awareness and acceptance of our aspects, both dark and light.

The promise ring reminds us of this commitment, to honour our source. To love another is to know this love for ourselves first. To accept another is to accept ourselves first.

The promise ring commemorates a commitment to our interior world and integrity. It reminds us to remain centred. It reminds us to honour the breadth of our inner journey, accepting our aspects.

It can serve as a symbol, that whenever we lose ourselves to another, whether a person, thing, or concept, we can return to nurture our interior source.


Promise Ring noº1


Subtle, wide, simple.

Hidden detail along the interior, and an exterior of matt silver.


Promise Ring noº2