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S e a   F o r m

Sea Form No.9, Brian Kivuti [blue.web].jpg
%22Stacked Rings%22, Brian Kivuti (2016) [square.web].jpg

The sea surges, I watch waves beat, surf form, and jagged earth smoothed. Within, life bubbles beyond view. I ponder on the liquid ocean, and sea my own motion.


F  L  U  I  D

g n a r l e d & p i t t e d

F O R M I N G . growth

E - R - O - D - I - N - G

Fluid, sculptural forms are the product of this exploration in sculpture and craft. Juxtaposing this clean fluidity with gnarled and pitted surfaces, giving way to formations resembling coral, these forms express the artists experience of his own internal spaces; forming, eroding, creating growth.

Made in fine silver, the pieces are made combining metal casting, direct metal carving, and the patient technique of granulation. Each piece is handmade. Each piece is bespoke, made to order. Each piece is different.

%22Sea Form Collection (Phase 1)%22, Brian Kivuti (2015) [v.2.strip border.web].jpg


'Sea Form' is made by Brian Kivuti as part of the larger evolving theme, 'Things that Flow'; exploring the fluidity of the inner space of self perception, in the flux, decay, growth, and flow.

Each piece is handmade, unique.