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30/30, day 5

As the lines build up, layered, developing this detailed ink technique... I worry; what will this become? I answer, "You already know what you are exploring, technically. Layer the ink, and work with the marks you make as you move along. Build and pay attention to what you create. As for the end result, the more you aim for what you think it is meant to be, the less it will be what it really is. You have learned this of yourself; it is the same with this process."

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30/30, day 4

As I paint, no land was in mind. As my mind grows quiet, and marks more confident, I am surprised to find the terrain take form on this paper. I did not realize this until it was complete. As this skill expands, much to my delight, so does the view of myself.

I don't think this internal terrain will ever be mapped. I think it will remain, in many ways, unknown.

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30/30, day 3

Mindfulness seems to be fast becoming a central aspect to this painting practice. In this, I remind myself not to invalidate anything I feel, and as I allow myself to fully feel, so do I allow myself to paint with confidence. Here I find the process of mindfulness and self-compassion makes for improved mark making, and far more enjoyable sessions! I pretty much never know where I'm heading with a painting, but that's ok. Uncertainty is ok.

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